In this Summer Popfax has released an update of its application for Android and introduced a new interface that allows users to edit, fill-in and sign documents online from the web interface, with no need to print. To benefit from all these extended capabilities Popfax has launched its Special Summer Promotion and invites all to make the most of it.

The new release of the Popcompanion Mobile app for Android allows easier organization of faxes, various ways of fax creation, Large and multiple fax sendings and an automatic synchronization of all fax operations launched while in offline.

Popcompanion is everything Android users need to efficiently organize their Internet fax communication. Users can now take advantage of all that Android can do with documents, images, smart folders and system browsing of specific online fax operations.

This fax application for Android can be downloaded for free from the Google Play™ Store.

On the Web Popfax users can now edit, fill-in and sign documents and faxes online before sending them by fax. Faxes and documents stored in the Cloud are now also indexed and quickly accessible thanks to Popfax’s built-in OCR and related search features, so Popfax clients can free themselves from paper documents and always take their fax communication with them.

To benefit from all these extended capabilities, the Global Online Fax Service, has launched its SPECIAL SUMMER PROMOTION and invites all current and new customers to make the most of it.

Between now and August 25th, customers will save 40% when subscribing to a 2-year Popfax Promotional Pack. To access this offer, simply go to, click on Special Summer Offer and proceed to payment – the 40% discount is already included in the price.

The Promotional Summer Pack includes:

  • Long-term fax service – 2-year subscription with a local fax number in any of 22 countries / free number portability.
  • Free and unlimited fax reception.
  • 500 fax pages for sending included.
  • Full Option Pack (Cloud storage, Online edit and sign, Mail to fax, OCR, Registered fax, etc.)

This offer is for a limited time only, so make the most of it now.

Click to see the full announcement, or get this offer right now!

Popfax continues to innovate in the Internet Fax market with their new version of the free PopCompanion iPhone and iPad app.

The PopCompanion app allows users to scan and fax documents right from their iOS device to any national or international fax number, essentially becoming a portable hand-held fax machine. The intuitive user interface also provides access to received faxes in a Popfax account, which the user can view and forward to an email address or another fax number in just a couple taps.

The latest update to the app brings about tighter integration with Apple’s native features, perspective scan correction and cropping, and a useful offline mode for when Internet connectivity is unavailable.

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One of the key factors that come into play when planning to switch to an internet fax provider is the ability to keep your old fax number. Especially when it comes to business fax lines, the number has likely been published across websites, letterhead, signs, and business cards, making number portability one of the key features when comparing different plans.

Popfax has recently introduced their local number portability service across France, Spain and the United States and offer for no charge with a two-year commitment. This allows users to keep their existing fax number when switching to Popfax, thus not having to worry about changing any advertising materials or setting up costly call forwarding to a new number.

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Popfax has once again suprised us with their commitment to producing innovative features for their Popcompanion app, currently available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

With their latest feature, your smartphone is now a real fax machine, allowing you to snap photos with your phone's high resolution camera of each page of your document, which the app then optimizes and turns into a multi-page black and white document that you can send to your fax correspondent with a tap of the screen. A customizable cover page can also be included.

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If your website news or blog posts have an RSS feed (most blogging platforms such as Wordpress do!), you might want to give GetResponse's new RSS-To-Email service a try.

To explain it quickly, the service takes your RSS feed of news or blog posts, syndicates it within the GetResponse system, makes an email newsletter out of the posts (as chosen by parameters set by you), and sends it out to all your subscribers on a set time schedule. Here is their own announcement blurb:

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We want to congratulate Jürgen Bühler, winner of a new Samsung Galaxy S III in the Popfax Summer Contest! The marketing team at Popfax asked their customers to submit a memorable description or photo that would show how Popfax would be helping them stay connected with their office this summer. Entries were accepted between July and the end of August, 2012 and were judged by the marketing teams.

Here is Jürgen Bühler's winning photo and description:

Free like Seagulls! Thanks to Popfax service we are able to manage our affairs and interact with our customers, while enjoying the fresh sea air, on an island located 1000 km away from our office.

Free like Seagulls!  Thanks to Popfax service we are able to manage our affairs and interact with our customers, while enjoying the fresh sea air, on an island located 1000 km away from our office.

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Since they acquired Select Start Studios, Shopify has announced that the first big release by their mobile team has been the launch of their completely overhauled Shopify for Mobile iPhone App, which the company claims allows you to manage your entire store right from your iPhone from wherever you are.

Among some of the noteworthy features, are push notifications of new orders, the ability to send order tracking information straight to your customers, track sales performance via several formats of graphs and charts, and contact your customers via phone or email in one tap.

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Many companies use Zendesk as their email ticketing and support platform, which helps staff keep track of support and sales emails and provides far more control over assigned tasks and the time it takes for the customer to get a response.

Harvest Invoicing, an online billing platform, has just announced an integration with Zendesk, allowing staff to track time spent on each support or sales ticket by starting a timer directly within Zendesk itself. The timer then adds the ticket numbers to staff notes and matches the open ticket with it's related project and task automatically.

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