Popfax continues to innovate in the Internet Fax market with their new version of the free PopCompanion iPhone and iPad app.

The PopCompanion app allows users to scan and fax documents right from their iOS device to any national or international fax number, essentially becoming a portable hand-held fax machine. The intuitive user interface also provides access to received faxes in a Popfax account, which the user can view and forward to an email address or another fax number in just a couple taps.

The latest update to the app brings about tighter integration with Apple’s native features, perspective scan correction and cropping, and a useful offline mode for when Internet connectivity is unavailable.

  • Scanning within native Apple camera interface. iPhone and iPad users can now scan documents using the familiar interface of their native Apple camera.
  • Connection with Photo Library. The app is now more tightly integrated with other Apple products. Popcompanion 1.5 lets users choose images from their Photo Library and fax them right away. It is so intuitive to fax images that have previously been scanned and saved in the library.
  • Perspective Crop Tool incorporated in the Popfax mobile app, it enables users to isolate different planes within an image and crop to correct distortions caused by perspective.

PopCompanion App Perspective Crop Tool Screenshots

  • Improved black and white image aspect. As before, Popcompanion offers options for image processing. A major new update is the improved quality of black and white images.
  • Inbox Badge Alert in the menu bar notifies users of incoming faxes. The badge number indicates the number of new faxes received.

PopCompanion App New Interface Screenshots

  • Improved graphic design with new icons that match the look of iOS 7.
  • Drag-down function for manually refreshing the fax listing, to update changes and check for new faxes.
  • Offline Mode. The application now allows users to create, modify and delete folders, transfer faxes to other folders, manage contacts and groups, send faxes and SMS through PopCompanion even without an Internet connection. PopCompanion 1.5 puts actions in a queue, waiting for the next network connection to synchronize. When the user returns online, the PopCompanion mobile application will automatically synchronize with the Popfax account.

The PopCompanion update is already available for download to existing users through the App Store. New users can download the app and enjoy a free seven day trial of the service or subscribe to the one-year subscription which includes the Option Pack, 50 fax pages to send and free and unlimited inbound faxes for only 94.99 USD / 74.99 EUR / 64.99 GBP per year.

For more information, visit the Popfax website.