One of the key factors that come into play when planning to switch to an internet fax provider is the ability to keep your old fax number. Especially when it comes to business fax lines, the number has likely been published across websites, letterhead, signs, and business cards, making number portability one of the key features when comparing different plans.

Popfax has recently introduced their local number portability service across France, Spain and the United States and offer for no charge with a two-year commitment. This allows users to keep their existing fax number when switching to Popfax, thus not having to worry about changing any advertising materials or setting up costly call forwarding to a new number.

Alongside number portability, Popfax has also announced their Summer 2013 Promotion, which entails a 40% discount on their two-year subscription package. The promotion is available both for existing renewals and new customers, and is eligible for the free fax number portability. The plan will provide the user with 500 sent fax pages, unlimited inbound faxes, and Popfax’s full option pack.

The promotional package is discounted to 99.98 € and is available for a limited time. To subscribe, visit the Popfax website and click on the Send & Receive button, where you will then see the promotional package offered.