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Electronic Signature Features

Service Features
  • Legally Binding Signatures
  • Multiple Staff Users
  • Past Document Archive
  • Contact Address Book
  • Own Company Branding
  • Performance Statistics
  • Event Email Alerts
  • 3rd Party Integration API
Signer Features
  • Handwritten Mouse Signatures
  • Typed Signatures
  • Faxed Signatures
  • Snail-Mail Signatures
  • iPhone Signature App
  • BlackBerry Signature App
  • Android Signature App
Document Design
  • Form Fields
  • Check Boxes
  • Initial Here Boxes
  • Multiple Signature Locations
  • Multiple Signers
  • Send Multiple Documents
  • Signer To-Do List Guide
  • Reusable Templates
  • Document Previews
Useful Integration
  • box
  • Dropbox
  • Freshbooks
  • Google Docs
  • SalesForce
Security Option
  • 256-bit SSL Encryption
  • PDF File Encryption
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Webcam Photo Authentication
  • SHA-1 Checksum Document Security
  • Legal Audit Logs
  • Signature e-Certificates

Contact Information

Phone Number
+1 877-720-2040
Office Address
San Francisco
111 Sutter Street
Suite 1000
San Francisco, CA 94104

1301 2nd Ave., Suite 2000
Seattle, WA, 98101
(206) 219 0200
Sales Email
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Support Email
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Signed documents play a crucial role in all of the most important interactions for businesses as well as consumers. Sales contracts, new bank accounts, tax documents, loans and rental agreements all require signatures. But as soon as a signature is needed, you must resort to paper, scanning, faxing or overnighting to complete the process. Shouldn't the most important interactions be the easiest and fastest?

  • Adopt the Best Solution
    DocuSign’s cloud-based electronic signature solution makes it easy to sign and exchange documents and information securely anytime anywhere from any device. Today, more than 13 million users for all types of documents in 50 countries trust DocuSign.
  • Increase Speed to Revenue
    Cut transaction time from weeks or days to minutes, and never lose a customer or a deal due to delays. With employees at 99 of the Fortune 100 using DocuSign, the message is clear that DocuSign provides a direct line to revenue.
  • Reduce Operating Costs
    Eliminate time chasing paper, rekeying data, fixing errors and the cost of faxing and mail delivery. DocuSign even provides customizable and pre-existing templates to make your job that much easier.
  • Increase security, control and compliance
    With DocuSign, you can encrypt and store all signed documents, maintain a complete and legal audit trail, and enforce policies. Plus, all transactions are completely secure and legal. DocuSign is PCI compliant, SAS 70 Type II compliant, TRUSTe compliant and the only to warrant ESIGN Act compliance.
  • Enhance and improve workflow
    DocuSign works with your documents and many of the tools you already use like,, and mobile platforms like the Apple iPhone and iPad,- and over 300 more applications. In addition, you can send documents for signature right from over 50,000 windows applications.
  • Reduce repetition
    DocuSign automates all the steps - no matter if it's a simple signature or complex multi-party, multi-step transaction.
  • Introduce transparency
    We securely store your documents for signing, authenticate your signers, accurately collect data in forms, and route documents to as many signers or collaborators as you need, while providing you 100% visibility into each step.

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