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Electronic Signature Features

Service Features
  • Legally Binding Signatures
  • Multiple Staff Users
  • Past Document Archive
  • Contact Address Book
  • Own Company Branding
  • Performance Statistics
  • Event Email Alerts
  • 3rd Party Integration API
Signer Features
  • Handwritten Mouse Signatures
  • Typed Signatures
  • Faxed Signatures
  • Snail-Mail Signatures
  • iPhone Signature App
  • BlackBerry Signature App
Document Design
  • Form Fields
  • Check Boxes
  • Initial Here Boxes
  • Multiple Signature Locations
  • Multiple Signers
  • Send Multiple Documents
  • Signer To-Do List Guide
  • Reusable Templates
  • Document Previews
Useful Integration
Security Option
  • 256-bit SSL Encryption
  • PDF File Encryption
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Webcam Photo Authentication
  • SHA-1 Checksum Document Security
  • Legal Audit Logs
  • Signature e-Certificates

Contact Information

Phone Number
1 (877) ECHOSIGN
Office Address
345 Park Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110
United States

Coupons and Trials

Trial Offer
Free Account, 5 Transactions / Documents per Month - Click here to Try!

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User rating
9.8 (2)

EchoSign is the leader in on-demand, 100% web-based, fully digital electronic signature solutions that don’t require scanning software, signature pads or digital certificates. With EchoSign, there’s nothing to learn or install. No hardware or IT department is required. Simply click “Send”.

EchoSign online signature technology complies with all legal standards, accepts documents in a variety of formats and attaches a digital signature to secure electronic documents, creating electronic records of agreements, transactions, electronic commerce, and more.

EchoSign is the “go to” service that professionals and small businesses use to get contracts signed. Why? It’s efficient and easy to use. No matter what type of paperwork, EchoSign’s electronic signatures get your contracts signed, tracked and filed in minutes. Once signed, all your contracts are stored securely online, available for reference at any time.

  • EchoSign is easy for you:
    If you can attach a file to an email, then you can send a contract using EchoSign. There’s nothing to download or install so you can send your contracts for signature in minutes.
  • EchoSign is easy for your customers:
    Your customers can sign when they want, where they want — online, via fax, or on a mobile device (i.e. iPhone or Blackberry).
  • EchoSign is affordable:
    It’s the most affordable solution on the market and typically pays for itself in 30 days or less. A professional account for individuals starts a t$14.95/user/month and a team account for small businesses starts at $19.95/user/month.

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Adobe Echosign 2012-05-07 02:16:22 Patrick Orswell
Overall rating 
Ease of Use 
Customer Support 
Reviewed by Patrick Orswell    May 07, 2012

Definitely going to use it!

I love it when something just works as intended. I've been trying out EchoSign for a couple weeks now and I think we are going to have to implement it in our business soon as our trial runs have truly seen an increase in productivity and turnaround. Our clients have liked it so much that some are thinking of using it as well!

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Adobe Echosign 2012-04-25 22:17:45 Jack Richardson
Overall rating 
Ease of Use 
Customer Support 
Reviewed by Jack Richardson    April 25, 2012

With Acrobat's built-in functionality...

Now that Adobe took over EchoSign I decided to give it a try and I really think they are now the best thanks to their built in support in Acrobat reader... I just have to send people the PDF and they can fill it out using Reader, which most of my clients are already used to using which means no extra explaining. I have one client that I have to get signatures from almost on a daily basis and Echosign has made a world of difference!!!!

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