RingCentral has just unveiled their new service called CloudFax, which allows RingCentral Fax users to send documents via fax directly from documents stored in Box, DropBox, or Google Docs. According to RingCentral, this is "the first ever cloud-based, fully integrated fax service".

Free for all RingCentral customers, RingCentral CloudFax allows users to fax their Box, Dropbox or Google Docs documents to multiple recipients, attach multiple documents and even schedule faxes for future delivery.

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FreshBooks has recently improved their automated recurring billing features. Recurring billing allows you to send a scheduled invoice to a customer on a specified date interval, but until now has been limited to static pre-set amounts. This is useful when you need to bill for the same item or service on a regular basis, such as a recurring monthly fee; but not so much for people who bill for a variable amount of hours worked and expenses.

With the billable hours and expenses tracking services that FreshBooks offers, you can now create a recurring billing profile that will automatically generate a new invoice for your client on a schedule that you choose. You can also decide whether you want to have the invoice saved as a draft for review before it is emailed to the client, or have it sent immediately after it has been generated.

Visit the Freshbooks listing for user reviews or take a free, no credit card required trial!

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Popfax.com - the global provider of unified messaging solutions – has enriched its productivity features by launching a Conference Call service for its clients.

Cloud based services have changed the way business professionals interact. Professionals can operate with their partners from abroad, being able to initiate a virtual conference in just few clicks on the web. Whether it’s for a business meeting, financial reporting or a sales presentation, there is no need to organize in-house meetings and gather all business partners together in the same meeting room. The Conference Call tool is an alternative to traveling and commuting, and it allows professionals to participate in conferences from any place in the world, whether in or out of their office.

Popfax.com - the global provider of unified messaging solutions – has enriched its productivity features by launching a Conference Call service for its clients. The option was designed to facilitate business communication by connecting multiple professionals to a hosted service, in a single conference. The process flow is really simple: a host creates a conference call, invites its participants and attends the conference by calling a dial-in number.

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Following its strategy of expanding online fax services to mobile devices, Popfax.com - the global provider of internet fax services announces the launch of its free faxing application for iPhone. Popfax now serves most of its customers’ mobile devices.

Popcompanion for iPhoneThe new application called PopCompanion increases users’ mobility and productivity by providing them the possibility of sending and receiving faxes and managing their Popfax account directly from their iPhone, anywhere and anytime. Simply put, it turns the smart phone into a pocket fax machine, which is very easy to use: no more paper and toner expenses, no more annoying fax machines, just your mobile with professional faxing solutions.

The PopCompanion is much more than a simple application for faxing from a smart phone – it is a complete unified messaging tool with a wide range of features:

  • Sending of simple text faxes, browsing the file from a local folder, or sending faxes with a cover page.
  • Receiving of an unlimited number of faxes for free.
  • Sending SMS’s worldwide.
  • Receiving voicemails and personalizing the welcome message.
  • Managing the Popfax.com account details and settings.
  • Managing the contacts and using both phone and Popfax contacts to send fax messages.

The new PopCompanion for iPhone is available in the Apple App Store. Anyone can try the application by subscribing to the Popfax.com Free Trial offer of 3 days with no obligation to buy.

After you make sure that Popfax mobile app is suitable for your business faxing needs, you can take the next step of choosing one of the plans available at really affordable prices.

Think you speak raw talent?

Popfax.com is looking for five promotional audio spots, each in different languages and will be giving the best recordings one of five €100 Amazon gift cards. The recording could be a flat out advertisement, a thanking, or a greeting in either English, French, Italian, Spanish or German.

The winning recordings will the ones that promote the Popfax service in the most remarkable and enjoyable way and will be announced on January 9th, 2012.

"This voicemail contest invites our customers to use more of the features embedded in our unified messaging solution. Indeed, although we are well-known for our professional fax solutions, our service includes many productivity features like Internet fax, SMS, fax email, call transfer and voicemail... We are using this contest as an opportunity to promote the voicemail option to all our current and future customers, some of whom might have not yet discovered it. This feature allows end-users to set up their Popfax account as an answering machine and receive voice messages on the move, either by e-mail or by calling back their number like a traditional answering machine.” said Vladimir Popesco the CEO and founder of Popfax.com.

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Effective May 1st, 2011, SRFax has doubled the included pages on their fax to email plans. This move follows shortly after their recent website overhaul and puts them in a much more competitive position among the other internet fax service providers. New prospective clients will also now be able to test drive their service with a new, free 60-day trial period.

To learn more about SRFax, please visit our SRFax Listing!

Email newsletters are easily one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools a business has to generate both new and repeat business on a regular basis, yet many business owners who decide to start a newsletter make one big mistake that can actually end up creating a huge headache in the log run -- potentially costing time, revenues and reputation.

Without taking into account the finer details of copywriting such as action words and key phrases that can make your email marketing campaign much more effective, the act of putting together the text and content you want to convey in your email newsletter is easy enough. However, many first-time newsletter writers choose to send their first emails directly from their business computers using their company domain name and email address. What a big mistake.

Why is This Bad?

The majority of personal email accounts, especially those hosted by free services such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! refer to one of several internet SPAM blacklists to help them decide whether inbound mail should be delivered to the user's inbox or the junk mail folder. The email providers also send the blacklists feedback in the form of a list of SPAM hitrates. In other words, what email addresses are routinely sending email that recipients are marking as junk unsolicited mail and don't want to see.

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Email Open Rates

We all know the power of a compelling, engaging and thought-provoking email subject line. It's the key to cracking the code of having your subscribers open your emails, read your content and click links to get to your sales pages, blog posts and landing pages.

However, there's something missing that makes it all work together: Knowing what subject lines work best. But, how do you know?

Split Testing.

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